Welcome to my world

Well, I finally decided to do it, start this blog, I mean. And now that I’ve gone and done it, time to say something.

This is the place where I’ll share things I find out about writing, plants (read gardening), and felines (as in the two that run my life).

Quick Q&A

How long have you been writing?

Tough one to answer, actually. I can clearly remember sitting and scribbling imaginary letters before I actually learned to write my name. And believe me, my imagination was a pretty wild place even then. Once, I started school, there were writing assignments, of course, but I always had to write more than the teacher asked for. I won an award for my writing (Grace Rainey Rogers Award from the City College of New York) for writing short stories loosely based on my life when I was in graduate school. I had my first article published in 2013. I am hoping this is only the beginning, and that someday I can truly feel that I’m a writer, as opposed to saying that I like to write.

What’s the plant thing about?

The plants… well, let’s just say that if it were up to me, I’d live in a green house. Right now, they are slowly taking over every available window in the house. And I’m nowhere near done. I’m also a member of a community garden, Neighborhood Neighbors, in Harlem, NY. My plot is my joy, and I intend to share every moment of the gardening season with you.


It would be a true understatement to say I’m a cat person. When I was about six, I seriously wanted to be a cat. My very loving, very tolerant grandfather supported my efforts to become one by going so far as to put my snack bowl on the floor to let me experience eating like one. (Not a joke, he really did.) It wasn’t a punishment, heavens no. It was just his way of letting me be me, whatever that meant. I grew out of it, of course. Although, I do meow at people on occasion. (A habit I seem to have passed on to my offspring, as they also meow at people . Long story) Anyway, I got my first two cats when I got my first apartment, and I’ve had cats ever since. The most I’ve ever had at one time was five. Due to natural aging, I’m down to two at the present time: Neo and Trinity. I’ll introduce them to you in time.

Well, thank you taking the time to read my first post. I promise there will be lots more to see.


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